We dream of a world where intelligent brands empower smart consumers to purchase more sustainably.

Earthchain’s Carbon Intelligence® platform delivers actionable carbon emissions insights into consumer experiences, powering brands to help their customers make lower impact choices and live more sustainable lives.

Our Climate Partners

Carbon Intelligence

More than ever, consumers expect the businesses and brands they trust to help them live more sustainably.

Integrate data driven carbon insights into your user experiences with Earthchain’s Carbon Intelligence platform.

The retailers and financial institutions who engage with their customers on sustainability are in the best position to successfully navigate the transition to the green economy.

Our platform supports brands in helping their customers along this journey, increasing engagement, enabling differentiation, and most importantly reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon Intelligence for E-Commerce

Empower your customers to shop sustainably.

Earthchain’s Intelligent Retail app for E-Commerce integrates into your online store to provide your customers with carbon insights based on what’s in their basket. Measure and track your store’s value-chain carbon emissions, set up meaningful climate action to compensate for the residual emissions, and benefit from customised content to communicate your efforts to be a more sustainable store.

Carbon Intelligence for Banks

Greening Finance starts with the Customer

Integrate our Intelligent Finance solution into your existing online and mobile banking experiences. Give your customers approachable emissions insights to help them understand their impact and make the most effective changes to their spending habits, with tips and tricks on how to spend more sustainably. Provide one-click access to meaningful climate action to compensate for residual carbon emissions.

Carbon Intelligence for Individuals

Estimate your CO2 emissions using your spending habits

Securely connect your bank accounts and cards to Carbon Intelligence using Open Banking, and measure the carbon footprint of your transactions in realtime. Learn where your emissions are the highest, and take action to achieve more sustainable purchasing habits.

Choose to offset any of your transactions towards a certified emissions reduction project of your choice – not only reducing CO2 entering the atmosphere, but implementing the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.